We would like to continue to build upon the children’s improved online learning skills and therefore will now be using Seesaw for home learning. Each week your child will have an open-ended home learning question to respond to. This will be shared in the newsletter, as it has been in the past. Your child can then use Seesaw to take a photo or video of their response to this question or upload a file such a PowerPoint or Word document which can then be shared in class easily by the Class Teacher. Your child will be able to login and use Seesaw with the same email and password that they used during school closure and respond to tasks just like they did in their online lessons. Home learning is set on a Friday and then shared the following Friday after that, giving families a week to complete the work. Other home learning activities such as spelling, and reading will also be expected but will not involve Seesaw. 

How to log into Seesaw (laptop and PC):

  • Go to app.seesaw.me and choose ‘I’m a student.’ 
  • Enter the same email and password that you use to log into Teams.
  • Look for the work required.
  • Take a picture of your work using the camera on your laptop/phone and upload it.
  • Check your response for feedback on what you did well and what you need to do to improve. 

Please click here for a video showing how to log into Seesaw:


If you have any issues logging in, email info@arkconwayprimary.org giving the exact email and password that you use to log into Teams, and we will do our best to help you.