We are regularly reviewing the COVID-19 safety measures that we have in place in school to ensure that they reflect current government guidelines.  As such, we will be making some changes to the drop-off process in the mornings.  Please see the new drop-off times below.

Arriving and leaving school

The time children arrive and leave school will be staggered to prevent bubbles mixing with each other. The table below sets out each bubble’s arrival and collection time:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


8.30 (can arrive from 8.25 onwards)

8.30 (can arrive from 8.25 onwards)














Upon arrival, children will be asked to go straight to their bubbles, so that contact at the school gate is minimised. Parents will need to use the one-way system that runs across the playground. Siblings may arrive at the same time, but parents should bring them at the time of the latest drop off (e.g. a year 1 and year 6 child arriving at the same time should arrive at 8:40am). The earlier sibling can then join their class directly while the later sibling goes to their bubble on the playground.

When arriving, parents will enter from the front gate and walk into the playground, staying on the marked path that indicates social distancing requirements. Your child will join their bubble on the playground and parents will continue to walk, exiting via the marked path through the side-gate. Please do not stop, in order to keep the flow, minimise queueing and preserve social distancing. If parents need to queue it will be outside of the gate towards the alleyway.

At the end of the day, parents will enter as in the morning, through the front gate, and proceed along the 2m marked path. Children will be sent to join their parent and the parent will exit via the side gate. Siblings will be collected at the same time, which is at the time of the latest sibling to be collected. For example, Reception and Year 4 siblings will be collected at 4pm. The earlier child will exit with their bubble and return to the classroom with the teacher until collected.

Bikes and scooters

We will now be able to allow a small number of bikes and scooters to be parked in the bike/scooter area, located in the covered section of the playground. The number of bikes and scooters will need to be limited to ensure social distancing can still take place in this area. As such, please consider whether you will need to use the parking area, or whether you will be able to take your child’s scooter/bike home with you instead.

Children should walk, scoot or cycle to and from school wherever possible. If using public transport, they must follow current government guidance, such as wearing face coverings - these should be removed when they arrive at school and taken by the parent.


The government has asked all schools to remind parents and carers that school attendance will be mandatory from 8th March 2021. This means that the legal duty for parents to send children of compulsory school age will apply.  Please let us know if your child needs to shield as we will need to support their learning at home. Your child will have received a letter from their GP if they are required to shield.

Preventative measures

Please support us by:

  • Ensuring that anyone who has Covid-19 symptoms or has someone in the household who does, stays away from school,
  • Engaging with Test and Trace so that if anyone in your household has symptoms you seek a test quickly and let us know.

At school we will contact you if your child shows symptoms (i.e. a high temperature and/or new cough) and ask you to collect your child. We will provide you with information on what to do next. Staff helping children who are unwell with Covid-19 symptoms will use PPE.  There will be extra hygiene and safety measures in place, including:

  • Primary school staff will continue to be provided with two rapid COVID-19 tests to take each week at home.
  • Additional cleaning in school through the day,
  • Handwashing routines to ensure all children wash their hands on arrival, after breaks and before/after eating,
  • Additional hand-cleaning measures – all rooms will have a sanitising station.
  • Where possible, resources will not be shared. If they are shared, items will be cleaned or they will be left for 48/72 hours. This means, for example, that reading books will be collected on Mondays and will not be given out till Thursdays.
  • Water fountains will not be in use.

Face masks

Face coverings will need to be worn by staff and adult visitors in primary schools where social distancing between adults is impossible.  We encourage all parents to wear face coverings when dropping off or collecting children. This is because it can be challenging to maintain two-metre social distancing in our playground at these busy times of day.  Primary school aged pupils do not need to wear face masks, in line with the government guidance.


Each class will operate as a ‘bubble’ and the mixing of bubbles will be restricted as much as possible. Teachers will maintain social distancing from students, wherever possible, and classrooms will be organised to minimise contact between students.

Home learning on Seesaw

We would like to continue to build upon the children’s improved online learning skills and therefore will now be using Seesaw for home learning. Each week your child will have an open-ended home learning question to respond to. This will be shared in the newsletter, as it has been in the past. Your child can then use Seesaw to take a photo or video of their response to this question or upload a file such a PowerPoint or Word document which can then be shared in class easily by the Class Teacher. Your child will be able to login and use Seesaw with the same email and password that they used during school closure and respond to tasks just like they did in their online lessons. Home learning is set on a Friday and then shared the following Friday after that, giving families a week to complete the work. Other home learning activities such as spelling, and reading will also be expected but will not involve Seesaw. 

If you have any issues logging in, email info@arkconwayprimary.org giving the exact email and password that you use to log into Teams for your live lessons, and we will do our best to help you.  Please click here for a video showing how to log into Seesaw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES5i6ukmLIE&ab


We are pleased to be able to provide breakfast club and after school care every day of the week. Please click here for further information.  

Uniform and Bags

Your child should wear uniform as usual and must wear PE kit on days that he/she does PE. These days are the same as they were last term:

  • Reception - Tuesday
  • Year 1 - Friday
  • Year 2 - Monday
  • Year 3 - Monday
  • Year 4 - Tuesday
  • Year 5 - Wednesday
  • Year 6 - Wednesday

Pupils should bring their school book bags/school rucksacks into school each day, containing their reading books and their water bottle (clearly labelled).

Play times

Play breaks will be taken at staggered times so that children in different year group bubbles do not mix. Each class will have use of half the school playground. They will be supervised by the adults working in that class.

Food and water

Children will have lunch in their classroom rather than using the hall for lunch (as that would necessitate bubbles coming into close contact with each other). Children will be given a fruit snack each day. Children must bring a water bottle each day as water fountains will not be in use. Please ensure this is clearly labelled with their name.

Parent Meetings and School Office

If you need to speak to someone in the school office please either call (020 3249 1180) or email info@arkconwayprimary.org as we will not be able to accommodate parents in the school foyer as it is not large enough for social distancing.  If you need to arrange a meeting with your child’s class teacher, you must book a meeting in advance through the school office by emailing the email address above.

Behaviour and well-being

  • We will support pupils back to the routines of school. We are very mindful that many children have been out of school for a large number of weeks and may need support to return to the routines and to re-learn behaviours. We will also prioritise having fun!
  • The well-being and mental health of all of our pupils will be more of a focus than ever before and staff have already been planning how to support that through initiatives such as 1 to 1 conversations, whole class lessons and professional support via Place2Be and others.
  • We are conscious that being out of school also means that most children (and staff!) have not been able to be as active as usual and so we will be increasing the amount of time dedicated to movement, both in lessons (eg PE) and also in play times and beyond.
  • Our behaviour policy’s core aims and principles will remain and we will continue to have high expectations of all our children.
  • If your child has a special need, Miss Vaz (our Special Needs Coordinator) will ensure there are suitable plans in place to support your child’s return to school. Please contact her if you have queries or concerns (s.vaz .org).
  • Our emphasis on positive praise will continue.
  • Any child that wilfully disregards instructions and puts other children, adults and themselves at risk will have time away from the bubble. We will work with parents as needed to ensure those children can be kept safe in school. If necessary, children will be excluded. Please see our Behaviour Policy guidance on the website.

Thank you very much for your ongoing support with these measures. They are helping to keep us all well and safe!