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Science Week

As part of Science Week, pupils enjoyed several Science-related activities on Wednesday. Reception pupils made bird seed, Years 1 & 2 classified fruit and vegetables and Years 3 & 4 made goo.  The whole school assembly in the afternoon was very exciting, with demonstrations from our very own Mr Jones and Paul Cook from Burlington Danes.  There was a Doctor's Surgery for Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 hosted by Dr Samaroo (Jevan's Mum) where the children learnt lots of interesting facts.

Here's what the children had to say:

“In Assembly the foam came out of the cylinder.  It was cool! Joey, Reception

“We made bird seed. I liked it because the birds were hungry.  In Assembly I liked the volcano.” Rufta, Reception

“All fruit has seeds.  I found out that a pepper is a fruit.” Ayman, Year 1

“I enjoyed eating the apples and the plums because they were so juicy.” Stephanie, Year 1

“I loved Science week because I’ve learnt that if you soak money in water and then light it up it won’t burn. That was awesome!” Huda, Year 2

“I loved it when a real life Doctor came in and I learnt that when a light shines into your eyes your pupil gets small.” Hamza, Year 2

"I liked it best when Mr Cook made the incredible potions!" Alyssa, Year 3

"It was awesome! My favourite part was when we made the squidgy goo!" Aimee, Year 3

“I enjoyed the bit where we made putty.” Timur, Year 4

“I really liked playing with the goo that we made.  It was fun!” Layla, Year 4