Westfield "Happiness" drawing competition

Tuesday 02 March 2021

Calling all artists - see your child's artwork made into a large display at Westfield for thousands of visitors to admire!

If you're aged between 3 and 11 you can enter a competition to see your artwork turned into a large display at Westfield shopping centre.  You can use any artist's tools, such as crayons, felt-tip pens, paints or even a computer.  All you need to do is create a drawing of your choice based on the theme of "Happiness" and the best designs will be displayed on a shop front within Westfield centre.  Just remember to use the special template in the link below, and make sure you stay within the lines!  

Click here for the Competition Template

The closing date for the competition is Friday 12th March.

Email your drawing to Marketing@urw.com  

Please also send it to info@arkconwayprimary.org so we can publish some on social media for us all to appreciate!