STEM Fortnight

Monday 27 March 2017

As part of STEM Fortnight, Dr Newman visited us on Monday to answer the question “Why Science?” He explained the whole of scientific history in just 20 minutes! We learnt that our design is similar to bananas and flies and inspired us to ask our own questions about the universe!

On Wednesday all of the pupils took part in a 'Science of Water' afternoon. The children learnt lots of facts about hydration, steam power and germs. Thank you to Dr Samaroo, Dr Newman and our own scientist, Mr Jones for sharing so much of their knowledge with us.

There have also been several experiments taking place throughout the fortnight and learning Science has certainly been a lot of fun!

Here are some quotes from the pupils:

"We got to see Science that we’ve never seen in lessons!"

"We heard from a real scientist and a real doctor!"

"I enjoyed the experiments, especially when we saw how many water drops we could fit on a penny."

"I loved it when the paperclip floated on the surface tension of the water."