School Library Renovation Project

This summer, we are raising money to fund a renovation of our school library and restore the beautiful old building to its former glory! An engaging and effective library is at the heart of our school vision, to Inspire Excellence and so our Parent Forum are working tirelessly to fund the renovation as there is no set national funding for school libraries.

Our goal is to create a cosy and welcoming, yet inspiring library. Nurturing for those who want a quiet moment to read a story in a corner, but also a place where our students can pick up a challenging book and where everyone can feel inspired to learn. The library will be used throughout the entire school day, for small group lessons, library sessions and free choice time. We are aiming to fill our library with 2000 books, as well as expand the space into the marble stone foyer, purchase new furniture and catalogue the whole system.

The project is predicted to cost £20,000, half of which the school will source through grants. We need your help to fund the remaining £10,000 by asking for corporate sponsorship through any contacts you have, helping the Parent Forum fundraise at events and donating directly for us to buy books through our Just Giving page: or you can search for ‘Ark Conway’ on the Just giving page home page.

If you can donate even just £5, this will buy us a fictional paperback while £10 will buy us a non-fiction hardback book. On average, school libraries need 10 books per pupil so a £50-£100 donation would fund a whole collection!

Every penny counts so if you can, we’d really appreciate your kind donation towards this fantastic cause. 

Thank you.