Dahl Class Zoo Trip

Friday 02 May 2014

Dahl class enjoyed their trip to the Zoo on Tuesday. They were learning about amazing animals to inform and support their written work.

Here is what the children said about their trip:


"I liked the pygmy hippos, but there are only 3,000 of them left in the wild." - Scarlett Whiting

"I learnt that pygmy hippos eat for 6 hours at night. It's cool because I like midnight feasts too." - Lily-Anne Traykov

"Pygmy hippos can stay under water for 7 minutes. Last time I stayed under water for 12 seconds, I'll try again in the summer." - Freddy Andrews

"The lions were my favourite because they look really nice with all their fur on. I'd never seen so much fur upclose before." - Esah Davis

"I liked the way the lion walked up to us and circles around. I also learned that a giraffe has seven bones it it's neck like a human." - Maya Bradley

"In the 1900s there were 100,000 tigers, but now there are only 4,000." - Xander Hall

"Komodo dragons are my favourite; they can grow up to 3 meters long and they have poison on their tongues to help them eat." - Davin Prescod

"Did you know that komodo dragons' jaws are weaker than a domestic cats'?" - Joseph Vaizey

"I like the colour of flamingos, they are pink because of the bacteria they eat." - Freya Bradford

"If flamingos didn't eat the bacteria they would be white." - Malachi Bristol-George