Ark Conway Students Shown Respect for Black History Month

Tuesday 13 October 2015

In honour of Black History Month, Ark Conway students were treated to a fantastic performance of Aretha Franklin's R& B classic RESPECT. The parents in the band chose the song well, it fits in perfectly with our core values at the School. The assembly was enjoyed by both children and parents, and we would like to thank the parent band for a magnificent performance.

Respect is an appropriate song for Black History Month, which has been celebrated in the United Kingdom since 1987. Respecting this month and the history of the African diaspora, our composer of the week is Ray Charles. Just as Martin Luther King had a dream, Ark Conway Primary has dream. We hope that by exposing our students to these great heroes in history, we will inspire our students to aspire to have a dream, and go out and change the world for the better. Happy Black History Month!