ARK Conway features in the Observer

Tuesday 22 April 2014

We were delighted to be profiled in the Observer last weekend. Journalist Daniel Boffey observed a Maths Mastery lesson and spoke to staff and parents about the school's outstanding reputation, noting its atmosphere of calm and focused learning.

At ARK Conway, every child is on track to do better than the national average, regardless of their background. According to the article, "the secret of its success may offer clues to what works in an environment and sector where swift success is required."

The profile highlights the benefits of being part of ARK's wider network of 27 academies. "With ARK in place, offering staff better terms of pay and stability that comes with a track record of steering outstanding and good schools, the best teachers were willing to join Conway primary school's little revolution."

Emily Phillips, a parent who worked for three years to establish the school, said: "I couldn't have done it on my own. ARK had the resources that got this school working."

ARK Conway's headteacher, Damian McBeath, explained: "there is an extra degree of professionalism here. We are really focusing on what counts and how we can take things forward."

The school received an outstanding rating from Ofsted last year. At the time, Michael Gove said: "ARK Conway has demonstrated how a brilliant school, with a culture of high expectations, great leadership and inspiring teachers, can be truly excellent across the board within two years."

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