Pupils at Ark Conway find awe and wonder in the world around them and this is directly encouraged by our Science curriculum. Our approach to Science is to inspire curiosity in all our pupils to want to discover the Scientific concepts that rule our environment and constantly ask and seek the answer to ‘Why?’.

We believe that our Science curriculum should excite all pupils through the learning of key Scientific skills  and concepts all of which is underpinned by the practical element of investigations, experiments and exploration. An understanding of the world around them and the laws that govern their universe inspires our pupils to see Science as a career opportunity to positively contribute to their own futures and the future of our planet.


Our teachers interact with a high-quality knowledge-based curriculum called ‘Ark Curriculum+’. This Science curriculum progresses children through the necessary skills and concepts to allow them to be active members of the STEM community in their wider lives. Children are taught units which correlate with the 3 key aspects of Science: Physics, Biology and Chemistry. These key aspects are taught in every year group and there is a clear progression of skills and concepts in each Year group. The children read and understand new concepts each lesson and once they have acquired the knowledge necessary they explore these through experiments and investigations. Children’s knowledge is assessed every lesson through a low-stake quiz and the subsequent lessons are adapted to suit the needs of the children. This Science learning is also supplemented by school trips and STEM week. STEM week provides the children with whole school science learning opportunities as well as having experiences of meeting and working with real and active scientists, further encouraging a joy of all things Scientific.


Due to our approach to Science at Ark Conway children are able to encourage children to be inquisitive about the world around them. We can see the impact and understanding of our curriculum on our pupils through: Discussions with pupils and their books; Scores on their low-stakes quizzes and through our over the shoulder marking during every lesson.