From the very moment children join Ark Conway, they learn their initial sounds and begin to blend these into words. As pupils embed more sounds into their long-term memory, they can accurately read a broader range of words.

Throughout their time learning phonics, pupils are also exposed to a wide range of texts. Storyteller voices are modelled, and teachers think out loud about the story to support understanding of the text.

At Ark Conway, we use the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme to support our children in becoming fluent readers. Children are empowered through this high-quality, purposeful and structured resource, learning to become both accurate and fluent readers.



Every child from Reception to Year 2 has a daily, targeted Phonics lesson. These are taught by high-quality, trained teachers who teach children their first sounds, develop their fluency and comprehension and engage children in a variety of wonderful stories.

In their Phonics lessons, children learn sounds and how to spot these in words. Their phonic knowledge is then applied to carefully matched storybooks which they learn how to read in a storyteller voice. These same storybooks go home at the end of the week so that pupils can celebrate their reading with their families at home.

Children who are not yet making expected progress have daily one-to-one tutoring from a trained member of staff. We ensure that children keep up as opposed to trying to catch them up. Similarly, new starters are assessed immediately and, if necessary, given specific Phonics tutoring to ensure that they are reading at an age-appropriate level.



There are multiple strategies that we use at Ark Conway to assess our children’s phonic knowledge. These ensure that they make the most possible progress.

  • Our staff receive regular staff training to ensure that teacher pedagogy is excellent
  • Teachers receive weekly side-by-side coaching to develop their practice
  • Every child on the Phonics programme is assessed half-termly
  • Children who are receiving one-to-one tutoring are assessed more frequently so that they make maximum progress
  • Our Phonics Lead attends regular RWI Development Days to enhance the Phonics programme in school and expose any areas for development