The Music curriculum at Ark Conway develops the creativity, interest, and enquiry of pupils and aims to inspire children to continue exploring music and its immeasurable forms and varieties both in and out of school and beyond primary school. The curriculum enriches the cultural capital of pupils by exposing them to a diverse collection of musical genres and creates an open space for children to engage with such genres in a critical and analytical manner. Through studying music at Ark Conway, pupils will develop and enrich their curiosity, knowledge, and enthusiasm for music, inspiring an interest and appreciation of music that we hope to last a lifetime.


The Music curriculum at Ark Conway is delivered in many ways. As a whole school, children engage in weekly singing assemblies, whole-school musical events such as vocal concerts, and are introduced to a new composer each term. Individually, children are taught in-class vocal and instrument lessons, are given enrichment opportunities both in-school and in the wider Ark network. Finally, music is an integral part of our half-termly Wonder Days, used to enthuse children in their new topic.

Teachers are modelled best practice by expert musicians who visit the school on a weekly or fortnightly basis and teach both vocal and instrument lessons. In alternating weeks, teachers lead vocal lessons themselves and are given regular feedback on how to improve their teaching. Regarding instrument learning, KS1 engage in recorder lessons, Year 3 and Year 4 learn samba and percussion, whilst Year 5 and Year 6 are taught to play ukulele, providing a full scope of instrument skills: pulse, melody, and rhythm, including the fine motor skills needed to play the different instruments.


Ark Conway takes a constant and formative approach to assessment of music. Expert musicians and artists model to teachers the best practice when considering the strengths and areas for development of a child’s musical journey, and this consideration will occur both in their vocal and instrument lessons. Importantly, assessment occurs every lesson, and teachers provide regular and timely feedback to pupils to move their learning forward. With this information, teachers can then communicate a pupil’s musical ability to parents and other members of staff, who will be able to offer enrichment opportunities that will further enhance ability and inspire the child to continue enthusiastically engaging with music outside of the classroom.


Pelican Music lessons at Ark Conway

Students can learn an instrument right from Reception. Currently, Pelican Music offer the following:

  • Reception - Violin
  • Year 1 - Violin, Guitar, Woodwind and Piano
  • Year 2 - Violin/viola, Piano, Woodwind, and Drums

Pelican Music can also offer the following instruments, subject to a minimum sign-up requirement of five students:

  • Cello
  • Brass

Students will need access to their own instrument for the duration of their lessons and to be able to practise at home. You may already have an instrument at home, or the Pelican teachers will be happy to assist parents in sourcing an appropriate instrument at low cost.  If you would like to find out more about Pelican Music lessons at Ark Conway, please follow the link below: