At Ark Conway our reality is that all pupils leave Primary school with a rich understanding of Mathematics. The skills taught are mastered and built upon year on year to ensure that all children exude a confidence and a passion for Maths. We identify that Maths has a much wider impact on our children’s lives than just school and we use maths as a vehicle to create critical thinkers who can contribute to their communities and wider societies.


Mathematics at Ark Conway is planned and taught using ‘Mathematics Mastery’. Teachers are carefully trained and developed in order to provide the highest quality Maths education to their students. Mastering skills is the foundation of our Mathematical success at Ark Conway and the children are provided with the experiences that allow them to deeply understand mathematical concepts rather than learning shortcuts or procedures. Once the children have demonstrated this core understanding they are immersed in the abstract representations that allow them be fluent in the Maths skills required to unlock and use problem solving skills in Maths lessons and real life contexts. Children demonstrate their understanding of what has been taught through high levels or Oracy skills. Full sentences and technical vocabulary are a standout feature of Maths at Conway.

Our delivery of Maths content is supplemented by every day with Maths meetings and Arithmetic sessions. Maths meetings allow us to revisit previously taught objectives from the current year and previous year groups. We remember our prior learning though songs, chants and games to make sure our foundational knowledge of Mathematics stays strong. Arithmetic sessions allow our children to have the confidence of being fluent with numbers and operations. It allows them to access higher order thinking skills and spend more time problem solving and thinking conceptually during their Maths lessons.


Mastery is at the forefront of our teachers and pupils’ minds when we approach new learning in Mathematics. Children’s progress is constantly monitored by the teachers through our Path to Success that takes place every lesson. Personalised and induvial feedback is provided to every child during each lesson to keep the children moving in the right direction to progress their skills. Children also take pre unit quizzes to allow teachers to understand their grasp of previously taught concepts which allows them to plan and deliver bespoke series of lessons to excel our students. A post unit quiz is also taken to show teachers what skills have been mastered and any that need revisiting. Post intervention time is built into every year groups timetable which allow s for daily and on the day intervention for nay pupil not showing a mastery of the skills taught. This rigorous approach allows for progress to take place constantly for all pupils.