At Ark Conway, pupils learn and practise key history skills from Reception to Year 6. Pupils will leave primary school equipped to engage in thoughtful perspective taking, explain the causes and effects of key events, draw connections between historical moments, evaluate different interpretations of history based on evidence and explain how societies can change over time.

Through their study of the past, students will build their chronological understanding of British history from the Stone Age to present day. They will also secure key knowledge about a number of ancient civilizations.

With these key skills, our pupils are empowered to be active citizens and to contribute to both their local and global communities.



All students at Ark Conway receive a knowledge-rich, comprehensive history curriculum that is strategically sequenced to ensure students are developing as historians within and across years.

Historical thinking skills are embedded in each history lesson. Students hone these skills through a rich curriculum that calls on them to read rich texts, analyse challenging primary and secondary sources and express their understanding through writing, verbal discussions and drawing.

Each half term, students also engage in Wonder Days and school trips, to dive deeper into the core skills and content.



We will evaluate students' skills and understanding through a range of strategies:

  • knowledge quizzes
  • class discussions
  • end of term assignments
  • subject monitoring, including book looks