The Geography curriculum at Ark Conway aims to provide pupils with a deep knowledge about the variety of physical landscapes across the world. Through studying geography, children make sense of the world around them and learn how the events in their local areas and around the world can impact them directly and indirectly. They also learn to think critically about the impact of human activity on the natural world. Geographical study further equips students to discuss and debate issues on a local, national and global scale.



The Geography curriculum at Ark Conway is carefully sequenced to guide students from the study of their local area in Key Stage 1 to the broader world in Key Stage 2.

Pupils practise key geography skills in every lesson by reading rich texts, reading and interpreting a variety of geographical information sources such as map, collecting data and expressing their understanding through writing, verbal discussions and drawing.

Students also engage in Wonder Days and fieldwork to dive deeper into the core skills.



We will evaluate students' skills and understanding through a range of strategies:

  • knowledge quizzes
  • class discussions
  • end of term assignments
  • subject monitoring, including book looks