The French curriculum at Ark Conway engages pupils in language learning and provides opportunities for them to gain insights into other cultures and world views. As well as fostering pupils’ skills in French listening, reading, writing and speaking, the curriculum aims to build pupils’ confidence in communication and offers a different perspective on topics covered in other subjects. Through studying French at Ark Conway, pupils will develop a curiosity and enthusiasm for language learning and acquire the skills needed to continue language learning beyond primary school.


At Ark Conway children receive weekly French lessons in all year groups with the Language Angels scheme of work being used to support planning. Units are carefully planned to build on previous learning and ensure continuity as pupils progress through the school, as well as linking to current and past topics in other subjects. In each lesson pupils have the opportunity to hear native speakers through sound embedded Powerpoints and practice new language with others and independently. Throughout any given unit pupil’s will be exposed to new language through listening and reading and will be required to practice new vocabulary and structures through both speaking and writing. Whole school events such as International Day and year group specific events such as Year 6 French Week additionally give pupils opportunities to experience culture from other cultures, both those within the Francophone community and beyond.


Pupil’s progress in their French language skills will be formatively assessed by class teachers at the end of each unit. Unit quizzes will provide information as to pupils’ areas of strength and areas for improvement in the four skill areas; listening, reading, speaking, writing. Outside of the classroom, pupils will participate in year group and whole school language events where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate increased confidence in communication skills and an increased knowledge and awareness of other cultures and world views.