Our blended approach to teaching computing creates pupils who are passionate about using and learning about technology. Pupils access computing through weekly discrete lessons as well as cross-curricularly during their other subjects. Children learn at Ark Conway learn how to code and create their own algorithms; use information technology to create blogs, websites and spreadsheets as well as use technology safely.

  1. Conway students are responsible online citizens and our whole curriculum is based in a belief that using technology safely and responsibly is at the forefront of our minds when accessing the online world. The skills learned during their time at Conway allow our children to explore the subject further at Secondary school and beyond giving them the basis to be online citizens who positively contribute to their physical and digital communities in an impactful and positive manner.


Teachers at Ark Conway intellectually prepare to deliver high quality sessions by using our robust and engaging computing curriculum. We use ‘Purple Mash’ to support the planning and delivery of our exciting computing lessons. This program teaches new skills in Reception and Year 1 and then progressively builds upon these skills through to Year 6. This ensures all children continually progress and improve their computing skills during their time at Ark Conway and are met with suitable challenge in each new unit and each new year group they enter.


The Computing Curriculum at Ark Conway is highly motivational and engaging. Pupils often cite Computing as their favourite subject. The curriculum not only empowers children with the skills to complete discrete computing tasks but also allows them to be creators and innovators in the digital world showing their own creativity and personality through the mastery of the skills taught. We know our children to be confident users of technology through their independence in safely accessing online learning platforms outside of school hours such as Mathletics and Seesaw as well as through their ability to apply their digital literacy in other subjects in the school day.