As students' progress through Ark Conway they will have a deeper understanding of the five key elements of colour, line, shape, form and texture. Using this knowledge, they will be able to purposefully use a variety of mediums with increasing confidence.

Through the exploration of a diverse range of artists, students will understand the cultural importance of art as a way for them and otherstoanalysis the world around them and express that in innovative ways.


Every year, students begin by creating a self-portrait where students can see themselves reflected in their art and to mark their progression through the curriculum. From there, students will focus on a key element to build a strong foundational understanding of how these elements can be manipulated with a variety of mediums and for a desired effect.

At the end of the year, Conway dedicates a whole week to exploring a theme to collaborate and create a final piece that can be contributed to Conway’s Art’s week. This week immerses students in the arts and all its disciplines to unearth their passions and contribute to a largescale collaborative art exhibition.

As a school, we celebrate each other’s accomplishments by gathering pieces from each class to be displayed in our school gallery every half term.


Our aim is that every child that leave Ark Conway will have a deep appreciation for art and have the vocabulary to discuss and evaluate art in meaningful ways unique to their experiences.