A Curriculum that Inspires Excellence

Ark Conway Primary Academy is committed to providing a curriculum that inspires and excites our pupils to achieve excellence and motivates them to succeed.

Our Curriculum:

  • is focused upon high standards in mathematics, reading and writing as well as being broad and balanced, providing plenty of opportunities for enrichment
  • excites our pupils’ imaginations
  • is progressive, ensuring continuity from Reception to Year 6
  • provides a firm foundation for later learning and subject choice
  • is relevant to our pupils and their surroundings
  • is underpinned by outstanding teaching and supported by innovative technology

Ark Conway Curriculum for 2017/18 can be found here

We believe if it’s worth teaching at all, it’s worth teaching well!


Our approach to phonics and reading

At Ark Conway we are proud to be a Model school for the Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) Phonics programme which is a synthetic phonics and literacy programme for all reception and Year 1 children within the school. Children learn the 44 common phonetic sounds in order to be able to independently blend them to develop reading, writing and spelling skills.

The RWI sessions are expected to take place each day for all reception and Year 1 children with no exceptions, as the pace and consistency of the programme is a key element to developing reading skills for all children which is integral to effectively learn the rest of the school curriculum.

Our ultimate aims and objectives within the Read Write Inc programme are for the children to be able to learn and apply sound blending skills and to learn to segment words in order to be able to create skilled and confident readers. Children also learn to read and spell words that do not conform to regular phonetic patterns (High Frequency Words) and decode both fiction and non-fiction texts through discussion, performance and teacher led activities.

From Year Two, once the children are fluent at decoding they progress to Literacy and Language. This programme enables children to develop their comprehension, writing, critical thinking, discussion skills and also gain a firm knowledge and understanding of grammar.

Our approach to maths

At Ark Conway Primary Academy, all year groups follow the Mathematics Mastery programme. This curriculum is aligned with our school vision as it has high expectations for every child, spends more time on fewer topics and focuses teaching on using mathematics principles to problem-solve.

This approach uses concrete manipulatives (actual objects such as Dienes blocks, number lines and bead strings), pictorial (pictures representing mathematical concepts) and abstract (e.g. written equations) strategies to ensure that every child has a deep understanding of mathematics.

Further information

Should you have any questions about the curriculum at Ark Conway, please contact Rebecca Ross-Wood (Vice Principal).