Supporting the children and families of Ark Conway Primary Academy

Parenting advice

Our in-school mental health support service, Place2Be, has launched a new site for parents and carers called Parenting Smart. The site offers practical advice on supporting your child and managing behaviour with short articles and videos on a range of topics such as transition to secondary school, meltdowns and sleep difficulties. Visit their website to find out more:

Behavioural/ Emotional support

  • Behavioural management techniques
  • Emotional well-being and self esteem
  • Family emergency (private matters)

Learning at home

English as an additional language

  • Translation services
  • Newsletter in another language
  • Parental/community support groups

Attendance and punctuality

  • Support getting your child to school on time
  • Walking trains (parent groups)

Financial support

  • School lunches
  • School uniform support

New to the area/community

  • Local amenities
  • Getting around

Links to local services

  • Links with the neighbourhood police/fire/NHS services
  • Local cub/scout/brownie/guide groups

The process

There are a number of ways to access the support services here at ARK Conway.

Once a meeting has been organised, the Principal will discuss the different ways in which the school can offer support and a support date will be set.

The Principal will then present the case to the Support Service team without naming any parties involved.

The Support team consists of; the chair of governors, community governor and a member of the ARK schools central team. A decision will be made about the amount/ level of support which can be provided and the Principal will share this with the family involved.