Many of our neighbours and local residents have been sharing stories and tales about Wormholt Library. We are very proud to be part of a community with such a rich history and want to share and celebrate these memories.

 Mr Francis – Neighbour to Wormholt Library for nearly fifty years.

“We moved here to the Wormholt estate in 1963. We already had a daughter of 15 years and our son was due to be born. Our first impression of the area was how tranquil and peaceful it was. The traffic wasn’t as busy as it is today and the A40, which was still called the Westway in those days, wasn’t completed until a few years later.

Before the A40 was created, Hemlock Road continued up past St Katherine’s church and the Library was at the centre of a junction.

Although I was working a lot back then I have very fond memories of Wormholt Library. It was always busy: filled with children, adults and older people in the neighbourhood. It was nice because everybody knew each other’s Christian names and there was, and still is, a very strong sense of community.

Some of the ladies who used to work in the Library still live on the estate.

I remember the inside of the Library being a lot nicer than it is today, it was polished and clean with lots of people always working there. The entrance looked pretty much the same as it does today with the large compass on the floor, but on the roof there were lots of little urns; they had to be taken down though recently.

I’ve kept lots of pictures from the Library because it is, and was, such a wonderful building. It has always been at the heart of the Wormholt community.

I used to work providing flowers for the Council Parks department and we would provide flowers for important dignitaries in Hammersmith and Fulham, and I helped to plant the rose bushes that are outside the Library today.”