Buildings Update - September 2016

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Buildings Update

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Buildings Update

Please click here to view a presentation of the buildings update for Ark Conway Primary Academy - February 2016.

Building designs

Please take a look at our new building designs: Ark Conway design

3D visuals:

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Ark Conway New Building FAQs

General facts – who does what?

  • Contractor: Bowmer and Kirkland Building Services
  • Technical Advisors: 3BM (appointed by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham)
  • Architects: Hunters South Architects
  • Contract for new building between LBHF and Bowmer and Kirkland

What will the process be for communicating with parents?

  • The school notice board in the lobby will be updated with all new timelines plans, designs, landscaping and programme.
  • General updates of building progress will be included in the weekly school newsletter where appropriate.
  • The best opportunity for parents to contribute ideas will be through the Parents Forum meetings with Justine.

What stage are we at with regards to the programme?

  • We are currently reviewing the latest Contractor’s Proposals, the designs which form part of the contract between Hammersmith and Fulham and Bowmer & Kirkland. Confirmation of the contractor’s proposals shall enable the final contract sum to be agreed.

What is the latest update regarding the statutory utility diversions?

  • Work on the statutory utility diversions has now commenced:
  • National Grid works have now been completed.
  • British Telecom installation works have been completed with final connections to be completed shortly.
  • UK Power Networks are currently diarising the diversion works on site. We have been updated verbally by UKPN that they are aiming to begin on site before Christmas with the works due to be concluded by the end of January.
  • We are awaiting confirmation from Thames Water and Virgin Media on the timescales for works.

What is the plan for 2016/2017 temporary accommodation?

  • Given the delays to commencement of the new development works associated with the statutory service diversions, as previously communicated, we anticipate that the school will need further temporary accommodation for at least part of the 2016/17 academic year.
  • At the current time, until the programme for completion of the statutory services diversions have been confirmed, the period for which additional temporary accommodation will be required cannot be confirmed.
  • We are currently confirming the most suitable temporary accommodation solution with 3BM/LBHF/EFA which ensures limited impact to the school. An update shall be provided once the optimum solution has been identified – we anticipate that this will be early in the new year.

What is the plan for additional play space?

  • The Education Funding Agency (the funding wing of the Department for Education) have submitted a permitted development application to Hammersmith and Fulham’s planning team, to ratify the use of the land at St Katherine’s Church.  
  • We expect to have a response from LBHF planners in early December 2015, following which it is the school’s intention is to develop the land and utilise the additional play facilities in the spring.
  • The work required to this space would be undertaken by a separate contractor to the new school facilities. The contract for these works will be between Ark and the appointed contractor, who has been identified via a competitive quotation process.
  • We understand that there is a parent campaign currently underway to have the low rise walls taken away from within the existing playground. In order for this to be progressed, due to the building’s listed status a planning application to have these walls removed would need to be submitted and would take eight weeks to be reviewed. We are hoping to delay any further planning applications until we hear back from planners about the MUGA works and that with this extra approved space, the need to remove the walls will be less pressing as well. 

How is the school addressing the current traffic and safety concerns?

  • Since the hoarding was erected, parents have raised concerns around safety along the A40 footpath. As this land is outside of the school site, we have raised these concerns with the technical team at 3BM.  3BM have passed on these concerns to LBHF Highways, however due to the A40 and associated footpath being maintained by TfL, LBHF Highways do not have the jurisdiction to pass comment of make decisions on any alterations to the TFL network.
  • TfL have responded to the initial concerns raised by parents at the school, however have dismissed the request for additional barriers, due to health and safety.
  • The school has written to TfL outlining its concerns regarding the cycle pathway and the potential hazard this poses to pedestrians around the school. This letter has also been copied to Councillor Sue Macmillan, the Wormholt and White City ward councillor and Cabinet Member for Children and Education.  
  • The construction of the turning head to the west of the site has been completed by LBHF Highways.  It should be noted that this area is for turning only and should not be used for parking/drop off.  The turning head is maintained by LBHF Highways and is subject to parking measures being implemented. The school has written to parents to discourage them from parking in this space during pick up/ drop off periods. If there continues to be congestion here it is recommended that the school contact the Highways team and discuss further enforcement/ monitoring.