This is An Educational Research School


“Educational researchers aim to extend knowledge and understanding in all areas of educational activity and from all perspectives including learners, educators, policymakers and the public.”


BERA Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research, 2011


Ark Conway Primary Academy is committed to ensuring our practice is based on the most up-to-date educational research. Our staff are constantly reflecting and reviewing our practise and analyse the impact our actions have upon students within the school, with a view to improvement.

We actively share our findings with our colleagues and the wider international education community. Each year Ark Conway staff will produce a bulletin, available from the school office and on the school website, which will be shared with the British Education Research Association and at National conferences. This year staff from Ark Conway have been invited to share their findings at the Value and Virtue in Practise-based Research conference at York University on 23rd July.

All of our research in school is based upon our own practise and values. It is conducted in line with the 2011 BERA Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research, and staff have received guidance, support and training from Professor Jean McNiff; Professor at York University and renowned author of numerous action research books including Action Research for Professional Development.

Ark Conway is an active member of Teacher Development Trust; and part of the National Teacher Enquiry Network.  This is a collaborative partnership of schools and colleges focused on innovation and improvement through highly effective and evidence-based staff professional development and learning. It has been developed alongside schools, in consultation with experts, through a series of pilots supported by the National College for Teaching and Leadership and the National Union of Teachers.

If you wish to see a copy of our Enquiry Bulletin; please email the school office at