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The Ark Conway Parents’ Forum has been running since the school opened in September 2011.  We started small, as there was just one year group in the school, with just one elected position which was that of Chair/Coordinator.   Since March 2013 that role has been shared by Katie Bradford and Alex Vaizey, with each of them also acting as class reps for Potter and Carroll Class respectively.   The Chair is responsible for preparing meeting agendas, writing up minutes, managing funds, managing our inventory of equipment, liaising with the school about events and other matters as they come up.  The Class Reps liaise with their class groups to organise class specific events  and discuss class specific  matters.

The Parents Forum meets as whole with the Headmaster or Deputy Head once a term.  Each class also meets on its own once a term with no staff present.   These meetings are coordinated by Katie and Alex.

In the 2011/12 academic year we organised three community-wide fundraising events – a Christmas Fair, a Jumble Sale and a Summer Fair.  We raised money for the school but we also brought the wider community to the school, over-excited the children and got an enormous amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from the whole experience.  So far this academic year we have organised a Christmas Fair and a Jumble Sale.  We will have a Summer Fair next term.

In 2011/12 we also held a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Carroll Class.   Next term we are planning a long awaited after school disco for both classes.

Carroll Class 2012/2013 parents came up with the idea of a holding a regular cake sale.   The classes take turns to provide the cakes and man the stall and these are now happening once a term.

The funds we raise go to enriching the school curriculum.   In 2012 we contributed towards art equipment and playground equipment (including a vegetable garden) and we bought a piano.   A percentage of the funds raised at events also goes to the Conway Family Fund which in turn is used to support the school’s Support Services (further details are in the Community Section of this website).

The Forum is enthusiastic and motivated and we really value making a difference to the school through our fundraising, but also through purely social events for staff, parents and extended family and through our ongoing dialogue with the school.   Everyone is encouraged to get involved as little or as much as they are able and with whatever they have to offer. 

If anyone has any questions or suggestions then please email Alex Vaizey or Katie Bradford.

Damian McBeath wrote:

  • At ARK Conway Primary Academy our aim is to INSPIRE EXCELLENCE. I recently read a quote stating "Excellence describes the furthest end of the quality spectrum. When we think of excellence, we think of an outstanding aspect, a model of its kind - the very best there is." I would be very interested to hear your views; what do you consider 'excellence' to look like?27/09/2012 08:19
  •  Emily Phillips wrote:
  • Energy and enthusiasm are key components to achieve excellence. My daughter starts running as she gets near to the school gates, so that, to me, is an excellent sign! I hope the school strives for the most creative enterpretation of excellence possible. Certainly the music in the school will help the children to use their imagination to achieve excellence. I think the ambitious programme of ukulele at such a young age, and also starting the kids with French from Reception is excellent.09/10/2012 19:33  
  •  Eloise Hall wrote:
  • Excellent education means great learning in a happy environment with plenty of of enthusiasm and inspiring teaching. I think its important to expose the children to as many different experiences as possible at a young age. I think Ark is great at taking the children out on trips, they are off to see some art exhibitions this term. My son also runs in the door to school which is excellent!10/10/2012 09:50  
  • SUZY KLEIN wrote:
  • To me, the Ark strives for excellence in so many ways - and the children obviously thrive there. From the moment Mr McBeath greets the children at the gate each morning, with a handshake and knowing all their names, the kids are made to feel special and recognised as an individual. There is an emphasis on punctuality, mutual respect and perseverance, inspiring the children to take responsibility for their own achievements and actions. In every way, it's a happy place which aims high & inspires its students.10/10/2012 18:32  
  • Katie Bradford wrote:
  • For me, inspiring excellence is about creating a world of possibility for the children, which ARK does brilliantly. My daughter comes home from school with lots of questions and opinions about the world around her (some of which I can't answer!) but I love the fact that her horizons are being broadened every day. The other component, which I think is one of the things that makes Ark Conway so special, is that the expectations of each child are so high - and their expectations of themselves mirror that.15/10/2012 12:16  
  • Elizabeth Coningsby wrote:
  • I believe that an excellent education system would enable every child, from whatever their background, to reach their full potential. This is at the heart of what the school wants to achieve and it has my full backing! In addition to academic excellence, I feel that children should learn to strive to become upright citizens who will put others above themselves and who will make a positive difference in this world!25/10/2012 13:54  
  • R Zimmer wrote:
  • Excellence in education means providing students with the skills to become independent and critical thinkers. Excellence and success comes from empowering student to achieve the full potential as opposed to forcing children to go along to get along. Innovative approaches to individual learning must not be overlooked.29/11/2012 16:18  

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